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Owned and operated by the Kiesendahl Family since 1958, Woodloch is regarded as one of America’s “Best All-Inclusive Family Resorts.” IDGB has worked with this exceptional resort for more than two decades and we were honored to assist in planning for the resort’s future. Our recommendation was to begin by gathering the solid data required for strategic planning. After conducting focus groups with key management and staff, IDGB surveyed nearly 2,000 guests, quantifying their vacation and leisure behaviors, their level of satisfaction with Woodloch and gathering input on areas of improvement. We then analyzed the data and made recommendations based on the research results.

Video Testimonial

John Kiesendahl
Owner & CEO | Woodloch Resort

“Steve has put together a team of very capable, dedicated individuals with a tremendous amount of experience to help us with the strategic planning for our marketing. This process has been terrific. It has made us think about everything differently and do things we’ve never done before.”
John Kiesendahl
Owner & CEO | Woodloch Resort


By shedding light on key challenges and revealing potential new growth markets, this metrics-driven strategy is helping to guide the resort’s marketing and strategic planning. One new growth area conceived by IDGB is the development of a Hospitality University. A joint effort between Woodloch and IDGB, “Hospitality U” is an employee engagement initiative that builds on the resort’s excellence in hospitality and IDGB’s expertise in conducting employee engagement programs and internal branding.


IDGB has developed brand identity and collateral materials for Woodloch Resorts that have helped to position the company as one of America’s premier family resorts.